A review of john neufelds book lisa bright dark

Lisa, Bright and Dark

I'm not saying it was a terrible book, but I've read many that were much better. Or, perhaps, how will the Prince find Cinderella. She tried to tell her parents but, they wouldn't listen to her. On her good days, we were allowed to see her eyes and on her bad days her eyes were completely covered.

The fact that the book is narrated by one of Lisa's less good friends, Betsy, works very well. The dark feelings and fear described in the book are real and impossibly unbearable, especially for a child.

Lisa Shilling is experiencing mental problems of which seem to put her as an outcast at school. I don't how i got by day to day but my friends could see i was just letting go and slipping into whatever insanity that was upon me and so did my councelor. Neither will school psychologist Mr. All the teachers in school were also trying to ignore the fact, in fear that they would make Lisa's parents feel like they didn't raise her right.

And though her peers and close friends realize that something is wrong with Lisa, the adults in her life either pretend that nothing unusual is happening or refuse to take action.

It allows the reader to observe someone who is slowly descending into mental illness from an external point of view.


I think the novel reflects the time of its writing and setting accurately and has to be taken within that context. It was published by Berkley and has a total of pages in the book.

When i got to the end of this story, with out any hesitation i started writing my review. However, it remains a strong story about young people who are willing to do anything necessary to get a friend the help she needs.

Most of the time parents and adults just don't listen to you and take you seriously. By then her teachers have realized that something is seriously wrong, but their hands are tied.

There are things about the book which I did not get the first times I read it, that really deeply sit with me now. I was so messed up then and i just wasn't doing too good, not just in school but inside myself i felt wrong and i couldn't explain it.


I wish it would have been longer it was an easy read. But midway through her junior year of highschool, Lisa begins to notice that something is wrong.

The conflict inside ones own mind is something many, can relate to. This book is about a girl who is about 17 years old and she is going crazy. This sort of made me realize how much easier people growing up now have it.

Lisa, Bright and Dark: A Novel Book Summary and Study Guide

Lisa sits through class in a cold daze and has to use all her energy and strength to answer a single question in class. Her teachers close their eyes and decide not to understand and Lisa falls continuously whilst also trying desperately to get the adults around her to notice her, getting her voice heard and running away from her illness.

I highly, highly, recommend the fine book to all. Lisa herself reminded me of one of my patients many years ago--a young woman whose long black hair was parted in the middle and draped over her eyes like two heavy black draperies.

We have come a long way. They agree to seek help and things start to turn around for the better. It means "to seize", which is perfectly OK in this sense.

One day i was in class and my councelor had us write a book review. Having dealt with mental illness, I found this storyline true to form in the way it was dealt with back then.

Lisa, bright and dark was written in by John Neufeld.

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The story was about the desperate attempt of three schoolmates to make Lisa's parents realize that Lisa had mental issues. Her parents don't want to believe there is anything wrong with their child/5. Review - Lisa, Bright and Dark A Novel by John Neufeld Puffin, Review by Christian Perring, Ph.D.

Nov 26th (Volume 5, Issue 48) Currently, we especially need thoughtful reviewers for books in fiction, self-help and popular psychology.

Lisa, Bright and Dark Summary

To apply, write to our editor. Neither will school psychologist Mr. Bernstein stick his neck out, ""Adults are in many ways simply chicken,"" observes narrator Betsy, relating how she and managing Mary Nell and aloof Elizabeth try to textbook-diagnose, then just cushion, Lisa's violent ups and downs.

average customer review: out of 5 stars 7 customer reviews lisa, bright and dark was a description of the life of a depressed female, coping with the fact that her parents simply don't understand.

i felt it was interesting but it wasn't detailed enough for my janettravellmd.coms: 7. Book Review: 1, Qi Facts to Blow Your Socks Off by John Lloyd. Erica Discombe Grab Bag, Book Review: Lisa, Bright and Dark by John Neufeld. SHARES.

I found this book to be very insightful on the stigma and reality of having a friend who suffers from a mental illness. Together, brainy M.N. (Mary Nell), fresh and original Betsy. The book I reviewed is Lisa, Bright and Dark by John Neufeld.

The book is a fiction/drama story and The theme is friendship. It’s about a sixteen-year-old girl losing her mind but nobody wants to believe her/5.

A review of john neufelds book lisa bright dark
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