A review of nigel coles movie calendar girls

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Exclusive: Made in Dagenham Director Nigel Cole

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The film is directed by Nigel Cole, whose sole film credit to date was the comedy Saving Grace with Brenda Blethyn and, more pertinently, the first series of 'Cold Feet', which also demonstrated a finely judged balance of comedy, pathos and drama, and top-notch ensemble acting.

Calendar Girls

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Based in the movies Toy Story and preparing for the movie Toy Story 2. Three years ago, Cole directed his first feature, the charming Saving Grace, a pleasant, topical picture and, with Calendar Girls, Cole rightly attempts a wider scope.

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Calendar Girls () is a movie genre Comedy produced by Harbour Pictures was released in United Kingdom on with director Nigel Cole and had bee. The film is directed by Nigel Cole, whose sole film credit to date was the comedy Saving Grace with Brenda Blethyn and, more pertinently, the first series of 'Cold Feet', which also demonstrated a finely judged balance of comedy, pathos and drama, and top-notch ensemble acting.

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A review of nigel coles movie calendar girls
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