A review of the stand by stephen king

The writing is excellent, the imagery horrifying and the atmosphere hypnotic. But, Stu and Frannie had survived since she had had a premonition concerning it. It was an intense struggle similar to upright wrestling. So, he studied stuff like that. It's because of The Stand that I've read all his work, and that I embarked on this series; it's because of The Stand that I'm a writer at all.

He's the one whom Mother Abigail entrusts to go to Flagg and fight back. As the pandemic intensifies it gains many names, "Captain Trips" and the superflu being the most used. Do we all have that potential inside us.

Tom was easy to hypnotize so that he was amenable to post hypnotize suggestions for him to remember an elaborate cover story: But, Stu ended up having sex with her after about a week after they had met—but their match was forged in Heaven. As they make their way through an America almost entirely devoid of people, the survivors begin to unite and realize that the flu was just the beginning of their problems.

Rereading Stephen King: week six – The Stand

There's also a layer of male chauvinism and lack of diversity that you can overlook in a book written in the late '70s, but seems out of place for a book set and updated for Just kidding, but it is in Boulder. The do-gooders in Colorado want to get the electricity back on so they can have well-lit tea parties as they talk about how good humanity is and how badly the government has failed them with their stupid plague.

Superflu is a virus with a shifting antigen base; that is, it can kill every type of antibody the human organism can muster against it.

On top of feeling like crap, you'll be terrified. Then Larry teaches him how to play—but Joe seems to be a prodigy like Mozart, with remarkable talent.

This led to a whole bunch of anachronisms. From long deserted views of the American wasteland both pre and post virus, to the darkly mysterious depiction of Randall Flagg, to the series of short punchy vignettes which illustrate nasty little details of the spread of Captain Trips and the breakdown of society.

That honour falls to Randall Flagg. Good wins by default, because evil cannot. Someone in New York picks up a phone book to look up the number to call an ambulance instead of dialing. Ralph is a retired high school Sociology Teacher. They cover every shade of human morality, and that astonished me: The woman, Abagail Freemantle—better known as "Mother Abagail"—becomes the spiritual leader for the survivors.

In The Stand, one character calls him The Antagonist, vague and present and inexplicable. His time is at hand and as His Empire grows in the west so looms the Apocalypse. But I can still see it.

The story of Jesus is significant because at rock bottom it is the story of a man who had little power beyond his convictions, spoke out against the evils of his day and succeeded.

But, he recovered long enough to ask Nick to fill in for him. Only one relationship is actually given time to be depicted in light of the ending and that involves the childish Fran. Then the driver died. I urge you to head down to your video store this weekend and rent this film.

Randall Flagg is King's most persistent antagonist, and the single biggest connection in King's books bar, maybe, Maine. Then he drove to his house and started typing noisily on his typewriter—and she heard it, as if it were nearer.

He's a mysterious figure who has been giving the wrong people the push needed for them to make things worse for everyone, and he sees the plague as his chance to fulfill his own destiny as a wrecker of humanity.

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May 12,  · 'THE STAND is a masterpiece' (Guardian).Set in a plague-decimated US, King's thrilling American fantasy epic, is a Classic.

First come the days of the janettravellmd.coms: In part this is because The Stand, with its flow of hundreds of brand-name products, is a kind of inventory of American culture.

"Superflu" has hit the U.S. and the world, rapidly wiping out the whole of civilization--excepting the. Stephen King's "The Stand" is an epic in the classical sense of the word.

It is huge, broad and all-encompassing, and addresses the national characteristics of Americans, both weaknesses and strengths. It was the first King book which I ever read and remains my favorite. The novel is really two separate novels/10(9).

The Stand was the first Stephen King novel I read, and I’ve been reading Stephen King novels ever since. Stephen King novels were what made me want to be a writer. His work shaped how I thought of the world when I was a teenager more than any other novelist I.

The Stand by Stephen King Stephen King’s apocalyptic vision of a world blasted by plague and tangled in an elemental struggle between good and evil remains as riveting and eerily plausible as when it was first published/5(K).

The Stand is a post-apocalyptic horror/fantasy novel by American author Stephen janettravellmd.com expands upon the scenario of his earlier short story "Night Surf" and outlines the total breakdown of society after the accidental release of a strain of influenza that had been modified for biological warfare causes an apocalyptic pandemic, which kills off the majority of the world's human population.

A review of the stand by stephen king
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The Stand by Stephen King book review