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And to think of it thoroughly, the Moros can just have their revenues on their own, if they did not really wanted PEACE and they opted for more funds.

All those who belong to the ARMM shall automatically be included - the baranggays and municipalities or cities. A parent and a child should have an open communication with each other especially when distance is between them. Have a great day everyone.

Reflection in the Movie

Would motivational accountability also attenuated stereotypical judgments in people with negative affect as well. This movie focuses on the relationship of a parent and a child who comes across a trial which concerns misunderstanding due to communication gaps between the daughter and the mother.

We must understand that rebellion is not the heart of all Moros - father, mother and children. Feelings of abandonment, and loss, can lead the children to seek out other options to fill the void of emptiness left behind Anak reaction paper a parent leaves.

I would like to discuss the main character Josie, and her decision to work overseas.

I have heard in an interview with the BIFF spokesperson Misry Mama that they have no intention of returning the guns they have seized from Fallen 44 and they do not agree on BBL - I remember him saying "all out war" with the government that maybe prompted the government to send military forces in their area.

Write it on your own understanding, in your own words. I remember I put my advisory of writing this on the "Site Advisory" page of my site weeks ago If not for the hard conditions and lack of employment at home, the OFW's would not have to leave in the first place.

That is why, I am sure that we will all agree on this, that they know what they are doing- and they have us always in mind in every decisions they make or approve of.

The two statements are contradictory.

We can study it on our own. Your family, your home, your school and the society in an on-line Magazine The film is a great example of the hardships that families must face when a family member especially a parent has to work overseas in order to send money home to support them.

Experiment 4 can also be explained along this line of logic. Pervasive poverty and the poor economic situation in the Philippines cause many to leave their homeland. Both articles demonstrated how participants in happy moods rely on automatic processes or mental heuristics when interpreting information or making a judgment.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this movie and have learned a lot about the plight of OFW's and the families they leave behind. Let us not be carried-away by others opinion about it.

Carla openly challenges Josie's authority, starts dating boys she knows her mother wouldn't approve of, flaunts her burgeoning sexuality, begins using drugs and has multiple abortions. Unlike Bodenhausen et al. This road to peace process took us seventeen years 17 to realize. I find it hard too get a complete and reliable source of the "BBL Draft" for my own study of it combined with my slow internet connection and the "hanging" problem of my PC This site has more to offer than your assignments: This is more than exploitation, this is illegal servitude.

These rebels are just fraction of the entire Bangsamoro population that the government has taken into consideration upon bridging the gaps between the Philippine Government and the Bangsamoros.

Why then do unhappy people and happy individuals both make stereotypic judgments. The character of Carla daughter has her vices alcohol, sex, and drugs to fill her time and numb her pain.

That is because the Bangsamoro Gov't. Children have to understand all their parent's hardships. Participants who were held accountable for their judgments were less stereotypic than those who were not accountable in the happy condition.

The younger kids, Daday and Michael, are guarded around Josie, and while they eventually mend their relationship with their mother, the oldest, Carla, does nothing to disguise her resentment for what she sees as callous abandonment of her family.

This is evidence by the fact that Bodenhausen et al. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. It would be interesting to take this paradigm and apply it to a stereotype judgment situation like in Bodenhausen et al. Josie the mom returns to the Philippines to find that her older children have grown up without her and that their relationships may have been irreparably harmed by her years spent abroad working to provide for them.

Plot[ edit ] A woman struggling to make a better life for her family finds that her efforts have caused a rift between her and her children in this downbeat family drama.

Summary -- Reaction Paper Ordinarily, if your instructor asks you to write a summary of something you've read, it is to help you to clarify what you read and to enable the. Reflection in the Movie "Anak" Essay A mother is not a perfect person because nobody’s perfect - Reflection in the Movie "Anak" Essay introduction.

She struggles for her family’s happiness and wellness. Reaction Paper: Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) Bangsamoro came from the words: Bansang Moro. I have watched an interview (The Bottomline with Boy Abunda) of ANAK Mindanao Party List Representative Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman (wife of ARMM Governor) - she said that even before the Spanish and American colonizers came to the Philippines they are a.

Josie (Vilma Santos) return to Manila after working as a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong for ten years. Her beloved husband, Rudy (Joel Torre), who died five years ago, was good-natured, loving and.

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Reaction Paper Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup is the world’s largest volunteer effort for ocean’s health. Each year, thousands of volunteers from around the globe participate, clearing tons of trash from coastlines, rivers and lakes and recording every piece of trash collected.

The Child is a Filipino family drama film directed by Rory Quintos starring Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto with Baron film was critically acclaimed by film critics. It was the Philippines' submission to the 73rd Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.

The film has been restored by ABS-CBN Film Archives.

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