Paper die cutting services

To be more specific, the rotary die cutting method is best for use with very thin material Read More businessIndustry Information Die Cutting Die cutting is the manufacturing process of stamping or cutting two dimensional parts out of flat sheets of materials like rubber, fiber, paper, or metals.

Die Blade — A steel blade attached to the die that performs the cutting procedure by penetrating through the die cut substance.

Want to create a car sign that actually has the shape of an automobile. Cost Consider your die cutting requirements and long term budget, and remember that a die cutter purchase is an investment.

We go above and beyond to provide superior service and quick turnaround. Mix and match the cardstock colors and designer paper patterns to suite your taste.

A long sheet or web of material will be fed through the press into an area known as a "station" which holds a rotary tool that will cut out shapes, make perforations or creases, or even cut the sheet or web into smaller parts. Whether die-cutting is needed to adhere a cell phone together or to join the parts of a flashlight, each rotary die-cutting machine offers varying features so that we can identify the ideal production process.

Bending Bending involves giving shape to a material by exerting pressure from a die. Ultimately, this attachment led to the ability of mass production of products like plastic and metal tubing. If your company produces credit cards, then owning a die cutter would be more profitable, since the cards themselves need to be cut and imprinted on a daily basis.

We follow the Golden Rule by treating our customers the way we want to be treated. Typically, the material is cut in continuous roll form.

Die cutting made cutting leather faster and easier; shoemakers cut leather into different shapes by exposing it to press installed with a cut die, which carved pre-determined shapes. Chisel Punches — Blades located either on the die or another part of the press that produce a separation in die cut materials.

Custom Die Cutting Printing Los Angeles | Full Color Die Cutting Services in LA

This machine uses steel rule dyes with a hydraulic press that can make precise kiss-cuts and die-cuts into sheets and laminates. Whatever your goal, our die-cutting and finishing capabilities can turn it into a reality. I would like to say thank you to whomever prepped my job.

Below are some examples of the various presses, dies and machines used during the many different types of die cutting.

We currently serve the printing, packaging, label, foam, p. We pride ourselves on being professional problem solvers. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Online shopping for Die-Cuts - Die-Cutting & Embossing from a great selection at Arts, Crafts & Sewing Store. Gasket and Rubber Custom Die Cutting with Kelcut Precision Gasket Die Cutting and Custom Component Manufacturing Services. Kelcut Gasket and Rubber is the industry leader in high quality custom designed die cut gaskets and assembly component materials manufacturing services.

Special Custom Printing Effects

The exceptional quality die cut gaskets, pressure sensitive adhesives application, and custom assembly. Contact your customer service support team about products, services and more.

Die cutting service entails giving the right solutions for making steel as well as plastic fasteners.

Pushing the limits of paper cutting

The process targets at offering positive and also luring layouts and also shapes to the finished products and also items before being offered to the market. Kingsun Machinery is China leading manufacturer & supplier of slitter rewinder machine, paper sheeter machine, automatic die cutting machine, thermal laminator machine etc.

Paper Custom Die Cutting Services companies

With over 15 years export experience, deliver the equipment worldwide. Welcome to Houston Precision Laser Cutting and texas Engraving Services LOCATED IN HOUSTON TEXAS, SERVING DALLAS, SAN ANTIONO, AUSTIN AND THE CONTENINTAL US.

The Printing Process: Die Cutting


Paper die cutting services
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The Printing Process: Die Cutting